Our Policy

1. globalguestpoll.com reserves the right to delete any content that is profane, defamatory, obscene, abusive, oriented, threatening, harassing or involves racism or against the law or anything that violates another persons rights such as rights of privacy.

2.Your poll cannot relate to any xxx, sex or pornographic websites that are only suitable to be viewed by adults. Web sites featuring nudity and acts of a sexual nature that are linked to our guestbook are prohibited and will be deleted off the system immediately.

3. globalguestpoll.com has the right to delete content to free up unused space. Currently it's set for every 3 months if any account that is not atleast accessed once then the account is purged.

4. globalguestpoll.com and its ISP is not held responsible if the system happens to be down temporarily and globalguestpoll.com won't be held responsible for any content that happens to get deleted from the system either by malfunction, error, system failure or for any other reason.

5. globalguestpoll.com is not held liable if any voter were to tamper with the voting results. The service should be used as entertainment purposes only as a precaution and not to be used for critical information gathering.

6. You agree that your account will not be used to spam or solict people through email.

7. This policy may change at any time without any notice.

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