1. Why a Voting Poll?

Reason for a voting poll is when people who visit your site they can vote depending on their opinion on the questionaire.

2. What support do I get?

If you have problems setting up or configuring your voting poll, please contact us. We're here to help you get your voting poll up and running on your website. Send us an e-mail message to Click Me

3. Can I customize my Poll?

Yes you can. You can change the title of the poll, change the blank white background with a wallpaper. You can also add "Back To" links to click back to the page the person had come from. Changing foreground, background and upto 10 answers can be filled in.

4. Can I modify the Poll Copy/Paste Code?

Yes you can modify it to accomodate the spot where you want to place it on the screen (retrofit it). For example the sample poll on the main menu has been slightly modified to be retrofited. As long as you know how to handle html table commands you can do it.

5. How do you handle the problem of duplicate votes (voting cheaters?)

The system automatically logs all ip addresses from each voter so you can only vote once per session until you disconnect from your isp provider and call back in again, thus it's rarely possible to vote twice in the same session. In the case for those who have a permanent ip address (continuously connected to the internet) if you reset the votes to zero (in the update poll options) or update the poll account then the ip address log is deleted and they can vote again (say on a new voting poll questionaire).

6. I want to change my poll to a new one and how do I go about doing it?

You can use your same account to change the poll questions/answers and be able to reset the totals to zero by selecting update poll account then login and apply the changes and then copy and paste the new poll into your webpage again.

7. I want to run two or more seperate polls on my webpage. How do I do it?

If you want to have two seperate polls on the same webpage then you have to apply for another account and copy and paste the second poll onto your webpage. This way you can manage the two polls on seperate accounts in case you want to add or change the polls.Note: we have set a limit to one account sign up per day, so you can apply for a second account the next day (this is to prevent people from spamming/abusing our service ie. one person signing up for thousands of accounts and not using them).

7. Will my poll ever get deleted?

As long as it stays active that is people use it after a period of months. If nobody uses the poll that is look or vote after so many months then the poll will have to be removed because it's taking up unused space.

8. How come my picture images aren't being shown for background?

The most common error people make is not to type in the correct path. Make sure to verify that you entered the correct path. Easiest way to verify is to actually type it in a browser and see if the browser can fetch and show the picture, if it can then just cut and paste the address and use it in the customization configuration options.

8. Is this Poll I get free?

Yes it is with some sponsorship support.

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